Congress, Censure the President for his Betrayal of our Values

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Dear fellow American ,

I am writing to ask you to call for the censure of President Trump following his reprehensible betrayal of the spirit of American values when he sided with Russian President Putin on July 16, 2018.

In public, before the world, this country's executive officer threw his loyalty towards the political patronage of a dictator who, while supported by his own people, has supported and enforced the violent occupation of neighboring countries, the slaughter of children and the violation of the inalienable rights of his own people.

That may be good enough for Russia. It's not good enough for us. We demand more from our leaders. 

President Trump turned his back on his own government and on the American people, if not the Truth itself. The republic must not remain quiet on this matter. There must be consequences so the American citizenry see that, even for the highest office is in the land, there are consequence when you undertake the lowliest of inclinations.

Please take action on this matter promptly. Call for censure--from Congress as a whole body, from the Senate, From the House. Just do it. It needs to be done.

You can locate your Congressional officers here:

With respect,
Matthew Liptak,
Laurel MD