Charge Great Britain in the World Court for the murders of Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard.

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Alfie Evans was hospitalized in England at Alder Hey Hospital , no cause was found for his symptoms. The British courts ruled that Alfie had to die, even though Italy offered him citizenship and medical treatment in a Rome hospital. His parents were forbidden to take him for treatment, and he was removed from the ventilator. He continued to breathe for 60 more hours, even though doctors said he would only live a few minutes. After a nurse gave him four injections of unknown drugs, he passed away.
The courts and hospital refused repeatedly to let him receive treatment, even though it would cost them nothing and harm them in no way. Charlie Gard had a similar story in Greater Ormond Hospital in Great Britain. The parents of both children were forcibly restrained from helping their children, and forced to watch them die. 
The judges and hospital administrators should be tried in the Court of International Justice for these murders. If the parents had let their children die without intervening, they'd have been charged with murder. The same should go for the government officials who deliberately caused the deaths of their children.