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Change America's gun laws NOW!

In the face of today's ineffable tragedy at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, we, the people, demand that changes be made to gun laws in the United States, starting today! Today, December 14, 2012, twenty children between the ages of five and eleven years of age were fatally shot, along with six adults. The gun violence epidemic in America leaves a staggering 100,000 people killed or injured by guns each year- 86 people die by guns every single day.

It is ludicrously easy to purchase a gun in this country, and that needs to change. Far too many states do NOT:
-require registration of firearms
-require firearm owners obtain a license
-require background checks
-require psychiatric evaluation
-require firearms dealers obtain a state permit
-give local law enforcement the discretion to deny a concealed weapon permit
-limit the number of firearms purchased at one time
-impose a waiting period on firearm purchases
-prohibit possession or transfer of assault weapons and high caliber ammunition
-regulate unsafe handguns
-significantly regulate firearms dealers

Congress, please, let us never again experience a tragedy so heartbreaking as today's. Change the gun laws in the United States now!

Start by implementing the following regulations (A number of these are already required for automobile ownership; let it be so for gun ownership):

-require thorough background checks
-require psychiatric examination (by board certified mental health provider)
-require training
-require a written test be passed, demonstrating a potential gun owner's thorough knowledge of gun handling and safety, as well as his or her knowledge of all applicable gun laws
-require a practical test be passed, demonstrating a potential gun owner's knowledge of gun handling and safety
-require a vision test
-require gun owners obtain a license
-require all firearms be registered
-require a title be issued for each firearm, at point of sale
-require liability insurance
-require safety inspection of all firearms, at intervals
-require that applicants show a legitimate need to carry a gun in public so as to obtain a concealed weapons license
-limit the number of firearms that can be purchased at one time
-impose a waiting period on all firearms purchases
-regulate firearms dealers and require they obtain a license
-make all assault weapons and high caliber ammunition illegal


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