Bring Legislation against Toxic "Cures" in the United States!

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My Name is Amanda Seigler and there is a serious problem in the United States. Parents are administering Chlorine Dioxide bleach orally, rectally (through enemas), in humidifiers, baths and topically.  My colleagues Melissa Eaton and Emma Dalmayne have been fighting this behind the scenes for over six years. We are all parents of children who are autistic.

Parents are administering Chlorine Dioxide orally, rectally, in humidifiers, baths and topically

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When we call social services to protect these children who are being poisoned, authorities are unsure what to do because it is promoted as a treatment or illegally advertised as a treatment. We need legislation now to protect children and vulnerable adults.

Dr Jennifer Caudle said on HLN on the subject  "I am horrified . . . Chlorine dioxide is is an EPA approved substance that is used in our public drinking water facilities to make water safe for drinking which it is approved by the FDA. The issue is when people are using it in ways and concentrations that are not approved for, in this case for the treatment of autism, that is a problem. This is not a treatment a treatment for autism, it is not appropriate. It can cause harm to young people or anyone when used inappropriately. . .  The side effects can range from respiratory issues, changes to red blood cells, skin reactions, GI issues. . . I need to be very clear. Chlorine Dioxide is not an approved treatment for autism. It should not be used like this or any form that is not approved by the EPA or FDA."


Children are being poisoned. Parents are led to believe that having an autistic child is a fate worse than death. In believing this, they are willing to do ANYTHING to cure the incurable. This includes administering bleach to their children. We need this to stop before more children get hurt or killed. So far there have only been two arrests in the United States over the sale and use of this dangerous toxin. 

We need legislation in this country to protect our country's children and vulnerable adults!


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