Background Checks for all Critical Political Officeholder Including the President/Congress

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Require every single Person elected to be the U.S. President, or as a Member of the Senate, House of Representatives, or serving as a Member of the President's Appointed Cabinet, pass the same Background Check that is required of someone seeking employment with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, or the National Security Agency.

Anyone whose duties may include access to sensitive information, or require them to act on behalf of the American people with potential  "life or death" consequences, either directly or indirectly due to their actions, should not be exempt from the same level of scrutiny as people seeking critical positions at key United States Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies. In order to have even a "Secret" level clearance, one must release ALL financial, employment, and other relevant personal information, including information on potentially compromising past business and personal relationships and interactions, and all past legal entanglements. If this isn't too burdensome for people on the front lines of serving the United States, it isn't too much to ask those whose level of power and responsibility is far greater than those in the agencies mentioned above.

Congress should make this the law, and require that all members of these bodies be required to have at least a "Secret" level of clearance BEFORE they can hold office. Because of the time constraints involved, all persons declaring their candidacy for the office of the President, the Senate, or the House of Representatives, should be required to submit to complete background checks during the period that they are running for office, to be completed prior to election day. Failing to pass this background check should be immediate grounds for disqualification, and should be made known to the voting public. For all persons nominated to the President's Cabinet, a complete background check should be conducted prior to their confirmation hearings, and the pass or fail results released to the public.

This is not only reasonable, but essential to ensuring that these key political positions remain secure and free of undue influence from corrupting and influencing forces.