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Repeal Joint House Resolution 104: Noah Hide Laws

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Please see attached link for information about the Noah Hide laws, passed through congress, by 4 people. Much like the FED ACT of 1913, the house majority did not vote  on this bill. If you wonder why DHS has purchased 30,000 guillotines, look no more. When GH Bush Sr. spoke of his New World Order, he signed this bill into law.

Whether you are religious or not, this applies to you! Just as Agenda 21, that the executive branch and the UN have forced upon the American People. Recently, the Obama Administration had a one million acre land grab, taking our lands and making them federal property. They have also decidedly poisoned us, via vaccines, GMOS, and geoengineering of the planet (spraying poison into our breathing air, via weather modification techniques), and disrupting the planet's atmosphere. Trees are burning, animal species are dying, we have a drought, as well as an increase in aluminum poisoning for humans.

These are all part of the Eugenics plan by the elite to reduce the global population by 90%. Please sign the petition, and forward your concerns to  your respective congress people, and demand that they repeal JH RES 104  immediately!!! These laws being pushed by Israel imposeupon President Trump to now enforce, are not only a war against Christianity & other non Jewish beliefs  .....they have no place under our first amendment . They should be nullified ! 




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