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Allow taxpayers to allocate their tax dollars to non-military purposes.

Proposal: A check box on the Federal Individual Income Tax Return, designating that no tax dollars from this tax return be allocated for military purposes. Your tax bill would be exactly the same. Your tax dollars would be redirected to non-military budget items, for example schools, housing, health care, infrastructure, and other domestic priorities.

Presently, no federal tax dollars fund abortion, because of moral objections by some individuals. With the advent of the Affordable Health Care bill, similarly, objections are being raised concerning the funding of birth control.

Similarly, there are individuals who object to war as a matter of conscience. They, too, should be allowed to follow their conscience regarding using their tax dollars to fund war. Asimple check box would enable these taxpayers (objecting to war) to support peaceful domestic needs rather than supporting war with their tax dollars. We have allowed people to object to fighting wars as conscientious objectors for centuries.

We already have a check box on the Individual Income Tax Return for funding the presidential election campaign.

Our military has become a significant portion of the federal budget. According to Lawrence Wittner (, published August 17, 2010, accessed July 5, 2012), the budget request for fiscal 2011 for military spending is nearly equivalent to the military spending of all other nations in the world combined. More than half of US government discretionary spending goes to the Pentagon (ibid). dollars spent on the military cannot be spent on schools, health care, infrastructure, housing, and other domestic priorities (ibid).

According to Wikipedia ( military, accessed July 5, 2012), the military of the United States is deployed in 150 countries around the world, with approximately 131,952 of its 1,430,895 active duty personnel serving outside the United States and its territories (September 30, 2010 figures).

War eats up too much of our national budget and takes money away from the government services we need. Military troops in other countries don't make us safe.
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