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Protect Free Speech. Stop Anti-defimation of Religion laws.

For the proposes of preventing abuse of these type of laws we must except that it is the Religious Organization's Leadership that is always making the determination of what is Blasphemous or not.
People have been jailed, killed, and intimidated by religious organizations with these law already in countries where they are in-effect as acts of retaliation.
It is pure opinion in nature, arbitrarily cobbled together to prevent dissent, religious freedom, and stifle individual decision making.
We Humans will lose our science, our creativity, our right of association, our religious choice, our right of having a say with our leaders, and our right to life; if we give into these unjust demands.
Our Response must be clear NO TO BLASPHEMY LAWS whether in the United States or the United Nations.

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  • United States Congress and President. United Nations deligates.

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