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Accountabilty of Department of Veteran's Affairs Hepatitis C Treatment

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The Department of Veteran's Affairs currently has a over $600,000,000.00 stockpile of the drug Harvoni which cures Hepatitis C. The VA created a new policy in 2016 that was focused on eliminating Hepatitis C from the veteran population. The new policy states that all veterans with this deadly condition can be treated at any stage of their illness and can receive treatment whether they are clean and sober or not. The VA currently has hospitals that are refusing treatment to veterans diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Primary Care doctors throughout the VA are telling veterans that they must be clean and still sober for six months to one year before they are eligible for treatment. Veterans are dying because of this.

There are three main goals of this petition.

1. That Congress make a complete audit of the Department of Veteran's Affairs spending on the medication Harvoni and an audit of the actual number of veterans treated with this medication. All findings of this audit should be made public.

2. That the President sign an executive order that states the VA must clarify federal directives on Hepatitis C treatment and that all VA medical providers begin following these directives immediately.

3. That the federal government put a program in place that allows all Harvoni within the VA healthcare system, that is within four months of expiring, be transferred to another federal government entity so that it can prescribed to persons diagnosed with Hepatitis C and are homeless or uninsured. This will ensure that no life saving medicine, that is paid for with taxpayer money, will be destroyed and never prescribed, simply because it expired.

This is important to me because these measures will save lives as Harvoni saved mine. I am a patient at the Tuscaloosa VA and I was recently cured of Hepatitis C. Other patients in this hospital are being denied this life saving treatment. I am an American combat veteran and I am demanding justice for those still suffering from this deadly condition and those who have already lost their lives.


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