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Saving Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality ensures that people can navigate and communicate on the internet freely without filtration or restriction. The open Networks of the internet we know today are being threatened by Ajit Pai and the FCC by voting on destroying net neutrality. If net neutrality is gone internet service providers would be allowed block content they do not agree with, slow down certain cites content or speed up cites, and could charge for access to certain websites. This is very damaging to the freedom of our internet and speech on the internet. The providers could block certain websites simply because they do not agree with what the website stands for. Essentially the big cooperations that provide internet services would be able to legally sensor what we see and can access on the internet which could silence the opinions of many just because they do not agree with what is being said. The companies would also be able to charge high prices for fast internet so those who couldn't afford it would have slow internet with little access to websites. To stop this we the people need to speak for net neutrality and educate our peers about the issue. Sending letters and speaking to congressmen to not allow the  FCC's plan and the destruction of net neutrality. Sending emails and letters to the FCC on the disapproval of their plan to rid net neutrality is also a way to speak out and stop their plans.

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