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Open a Federal Investigation into the fatal shooting of Antonio Martin. Investigate the released CCTV footage of Antonio Martin pulling out what appears to be a "Glowing" object and not a "Gun" police say he had.

On Tuesday, December 24,2014 at approximately 11:14PM Antonio Martin was exiting the Mobil gas station located at  6800 North Hanley Road, Berkeley, MO 63134 when a Berkeley, MO police officer pulled up and confronted Martin stating that he matched the description of a robbery that happened in the past. Police stated that while talking to Martin he begun to pull something out what he said appeared to be a "Gun" but if you watch closeley to the 2nd CCTV video that was released shows Martin pulling out something that's glowing, and could be his cell phone. There has been 3 videos off 33 that has been released. 

The first video is stopped right at the moment the officer pulls his gun. The frame actually freezes as the video continues meaning it’s a recording of a VIEWING of the video and not the original video itself. That’s the one where you can see Antonio point his hand and possibly something in it, at the officer. The shooting is not shown and I think the reason for that is whatever that was in his hand would fall to the ground and if it was an illuminated cell phone, then as it fell, it could be very clear that’s what it was.

The third video hows the officer basically fleeing from the confrontation, falling on the ground and shooting as he backed up. You can’t seen Antonio in this one at all. You just see the cop’s reaction. As he falls, you can see the flashlight sliding across the parking lot. This video is interesting because the department admits openly that they edited Antonio out of the video “in respect of his family”

I think the most illuminating of these 3 (of 33) is the second video. In it, the camera is position hanging on the soffit of the store just above where the confrontation took place. You can see Antonio and his friend clearly right before the shooting in the bottom left hand corner. Antonio turns back to the officer and appears to have something that is glowing in his right hand. 

what you will notice is there is no reaction from the guy in the white pants when Antonio points whatever it is at the officer. It seems pretty casual to him… kinda like it would be if someone pointed a phone at a cop. Not like if someone pulled a gun on one.

The guy in the white pants only reacts when the officer started shooting and though that is certainly circumstantial at best, it does help define the character of that particular moment and possibly even indicates what really happened.

The glowing object in Antonio’s hand is certainly worth considering. It could be a cell phone screen or it could be the reflection of the police car’s headlights on an object, whatever that might be. And some will say it’s obviously the reflection of the lights on the gun. You see that all the time in the movies, right?

But there’s just one problem with that theory: the gun itself.

You see, the gun isn’t a shiny nickel or chrome finish gun which it would have to be in order to gleam like that in Antonio’s hand. This is the gun he was supposedly holding in that hand: Picture of Gun

As you can see, the gun has a matte black finish. It doesn’t even reflect the light of the camera taking the picture like the evidence tag does. So are we supposed to believe this gun was gleaming bright in Antonio’s hand that night? Personally, I don’t see that happening.

Let’s be honest, these images and videos do not serve to prove this case either way. Frankly, I think the department editing 2 of the three and hiding 30 of the 33 videos probably does more to indict them of trying to hide something than anything else does.

And let’s also be honest about this: whatever he had in his hand, when he took it out quickly and pointed it at the cop while starting to walk toward him, that’s what got him shot. Like the poor kid with the airsoft gun who took it out of his pants while walking up to the police car, there are certain things you cannot do these days to cops and one of them is whip something out of your pants while headed straight toward them.

I’m certainly not saying that kid or Antonio deserved what they got. They didn’t. Well, I can’t be sure about Antonio as of yet, but it would appear to me, that’s not a gun in his hand.

But that really isn’t the point I guess. What is the point is the fact that these departments are still just lying and manipulating evidence, like they’ve always done, in order to present a false narrative of events.  But instead of it being a few “bad apples” it seems like it’s becoming institutional right in front of our eyes. Attorney General Eric Holder "We The People" are asking you to investigate this "Object" that apprears to be the glow of a phone screen that Police say is a "Gun" that gave the Berkeley, MO police officer the right to kill unarmed Antonio Martin. 

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