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Dismiss case # 2;10-Cr-00199-4

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This case is based upon illegal wiretaps and hearsay. The United States Assistant prosecution is with holding evidence pertinent to Mr. Jackson defense and sending false information to him. This case is bogu and if anyone wants to see court documents proving it, please email me and I will send them to you. I am also asking that the Honorable Judge Donnetta Ambrose be removed from this case because in her conversations and rulings she always leans toward prosecutions. She even ask the prosecution for advice as to whether Mr. Jackson should recieve new counsel. Mr. Dominque Jackson has fired five attorneys knowing that it will prolong his stay in jail, because he's fighting for his innocence .A man who fires five attorney knowing that its going to prolong his stay in jail for now 34 months is not a guilty man but a man who wants justice to be served. I need your support because Mr. Jackson has just been appointed a new court appointed attorney Sept 12, 2013 and I am not sure if the Judge will give him time to prepare for this new trial, she wants Mr.Jackson who has been held in jail since 2010 to go to trial whether his counsel has all the evidence from the prosecution or not. She overrode the magistrate Judge Kelly Maureen decision to release Mr. Jackson without bail in April 2013 by posting a 1000,000 dollar non surety bail so he could not afford to get out . He has already been jail for almost 34 months without a trial and it took almost 3yrs to recieve a detention hearing. This case is bogus and attempt to railroad Mr. Jackson. If you need to see the document and transcripts from some of his case hearing in front of the Judge Ambrose you will see the bias in her own words.Please join us, so it will not be JUST US in our fight against IN JUST US. This case is not only for Dominque but for every other persson who has been jailed based upon illegally obtained wiretap and falsefied evidence.

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