Just say NO to the Coastal Barrier - It's not what you think!

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The US Army Corps of Engineers plan to build a 20 foot high, 70 mile long wall along highway 87 on the Texas Coast, including Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island.  This will effectively destroy the economy and wildlife, including several endangered species.  In addition, it will  decimate the property values and the community we know and love.  This plan will cost over 30 billion dollars and is a gross misuse of tax payer funds.  

 Public comment to this plan closes on February  9th.  After that we will have no say in what happens to our community.  

Sign our Petition and let them know we don't want the Coastal Barrier on Bolivar or Galveston.  Attend the Public Meetings.  Write or email the US Army Corp of Engineers at coastaltexas@usace.army.mil and let them know we don't want this Coastal Barrier on our Texas Coast.  Go to www.savebolivar.org more information.