1- Overturn of SPC Christopher Nguyen's SGLI denial 2- Invalidate LOD report performed on SPC Nguyen

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SPC Christopher Minh Nguyen's Story


I am summarizing Christopher's story because it is far to much to try to state in this petition.


This petition is on behalf of my now deceased brother SPC Christopher Minh Nguyen, an accomplished member of the U.S. Army who served nearly 9 years of his young life in the military. Many fellow soldiers considered Christopher an outstanding soldier and even a mentor. On August 5, 2012, my brother was found deceased in his off post home in Raeford, North Carolina. His cause of death was suicide, he injected a lethal dose of Flexaril into his system. He was only 29 years old. Previous to the lethal injection my brother  was visiting Fort Bragg’s health clinic quite frequently for his mental state of being. Christopher suffered from a long history of PTSD ( his own recognition) after multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan yet, he was always diagnosed with anxiety, anger issues and adjustment disorders. Instead of helping Christopher many times, he was just considered a problem and would receive punishment for outbursts and behavior.  Christopher was trying  to receive the proper diagnosis so he may receive help from the VA after discharge from the military. Christopher was depressed and was also worried about life after the army which further deepened his depression. He went to off post treatment and received the appropriate diagnosis. However, he is not here today to appeal in order to receive the benefits he was applying and fighting for to survive in life after the army




While Chris was seeking the correct diagnosis he began having problems within his unit in the 82nd Airborne Division, 782 Brigade Support Battalion, 4BCT, Company C , Fort Bragg, NC, thus resulting in a pending Chapter from the Army. At Chris’s time of death his commander reported he was AWOL and never had knowledge of where he was at. A NCO from his unit even visited the residence Christopher was at yet it was stated they never knew his whereabouts which was untrue. A line of duty investigation report was done after Chris’s passing but was not true and accurate. The report was made to make Christopher seem like he has always been a problem and not to praise him for any accomplishments during his army career.  After he passed away, I, Shawna Nguyen, Christopher’s sister retained an attorney to investigate Chris’s AWOL status, the attorney obtained statements from individuals and a statement was omitted from the line of duty report which stated 1) Christopher was restricted to his home after hours and 2) He was in fact visited by a member of his unit. The investigator also made a statement that after speaking with Chris’s family and friends he was never suicidal which was also untrue because the investigator never spoke with the family and the investigator formulated an opinion that my brother abused drugs, based on a few instances in the past. The investigator also concluded due to my brother's "abuse of drug's" the death was accidental and not intentional although the medical examiner concluded the death was by suicide. The autopsy showed zero trace of illegal narcotics in my brother’s system therefore, the opinion of the investigator was just that, an opinion . Additionally, the report went on to mention Chris had been AWOL for a day earlier that year which is true but the investigator did not mention the reason Chris was AWOL and that was because he checked himself into the mental health clinic that day in which he received punishment for.This report took almost two years to complete and still was not correct and thorough.


The army held a briefing with my mother and I on Feb 19, 2014. I brought up the fact that they omitted a statement from the report and the investigation should be redone because it contained inaccuracies. I mentioned in my opinion this report was in an effort to not payout the $400,000 policy that Chris left that now is deemed unpayable due to his “AWOL” status. An individual from the briefing did state that the report is for the Army’s use which could support my statement.


I have contacted Senate, Secretary of the Army and even the White House to remedy this situation. No action has been taken to date. 


On behalf of Christopher M. Nguyen, I am petitioning the following:




1 – For Christopher’s SGLI policy to be paid out due to the inaccuracies contained in the line of duty report (to be deemed invalid) and not be held accountable for missing duty if not authorized due to his state of mind at the time of his death.



2-A. For all individuals from his unit to be investigated for allowing my brother to remain depressed( he had a very well known history) off post while they knew his whereabouts and his mental history condition. The request is an effort to ensure that any future soldiers do not end their lives while enlisted in the military when their whereabouts and history of mental anguish are known whether they have had some disciplinary issues or not.  The individuals that knew his whereabouts were negligent in not enforcing proper punishment and/or reporting of location when someone is AWOL, if he was is fact so. Proper intervention may have saved his life and the military needs to implement procedures to prevent this from happening in the future. Just because we cannot sue the government while someone is under contract with the military/government does not mean they should be negligent because there will be no repercussions. Soldiers who are suffering from PTSD are quickly diagnosed with anger problems or adjustment disorder. The outstanding men and women who fight for our honor are looked down upon and are labeled as problems and often receive punishment as in my brother's case. Our heroes are given a hard time and made an example of when seeking the help or benefits that they need.


2-B. For the Line of Duty report to be deemed invalid since it contained false statements and was biased.



America, we need you to help this fight. Please help us stand up for Christopher and what is right. We are not able to do it without you.