Complete Aid from the US and UN for Venezuela

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To the United States Government and all UN Countries Governments:

Currently Venezuela is in absolute turmoil. They have very little access to food, medications, medical care and overall the basic necessities of life.

We are asking that the United States and United Nations take immediate action to bring relief to the country in the form of food and medical necessities. Furthermore we ask that the UN forces the current regime out of power and helps them to establish a new one.

Venezualian President Nicolas Maduro has banned coverage by the media in the country on all of this. Making coverage of any violent protest/event punishable by confinement. The current regime, or shall I say Dictatorship, is entirely responsible for the nation's current state.

Here are some of the facts:

- Large Protests have become an everyday activity

- Police are suppressing protestors and killing them. 90 people have been killed while protesting in just the past 100 days.

- 75% of Venezuelans have lost an average of 19 pounds due to starvation.

-  The Venezuelan economy has officially become the worst in the world under this regime.

- 93% of Venezuelans cannot even afford to buy the food the country does have on its shelves.

- The current minimum wage is 97,531 bolivars per month which is equal to only 12.53 USD a month. (This is the third increase in minimum wage this year alone)

- 80% of all medications are not available within the entire country at this point in time. (This includes being completely out of all antibiotics, blood pressure medications, etc)

- Water even at hospitals is no longer being filtered

- Most hospitals require that you bring your own medical supplies to the hospital with you to be treated. (Medical supplies which no one has access to!)

- Currently there is less than 1 hospital bed available for every 1,000 people (0.9 per 1000 people to be exact)

- 61% of all surgical tools and materials in the country are badly damaged

- Over 50% of all operating rooms in the country have been shut down

- Inflation in Venezuela is expected to reach 1,660% this year.

- For all product the number of items a person may purchase has been largely regulated and restricted. (3 rolls of toilet paper per person, 2 bags of flour per person, etc.)

- Say you purchase deodorant. Average price is 14,000 bolivars for one stick of deodorant. That is 1/6 of your entire months income just on deodorant. Inflation and the lack of goods has caused extreme increases in product pricing

- Fast food is even too overpriced to buy. One Big Mac meal costs roughly 14,400 bolivars. Say you have a family of 6, one trip to McDonalds would cost your entire months salary.

- This started back in 2014 and no one has stepped in to help this country

- The only source of information for Venezuelans about what's going on in their country is social media, which most can't even afford access to use.

- In more than 60% of Venezualian homes at least 1 person has stopped eating in order to give their food to another person.

- The regime is apparently disallowing donations of food and medicine into their country

- Mass Robberies and kidnappings for ransom have  become a daily occurrence and the amount of these crimes growing rapidly as the police do nothing under federal direction

- 91% of Venezuelans no longer believe in law and order

-  The current regime admires Fidel Castro of Cuba and is taking Venezuela down the same path Castro did Cuba

- Meanwhile, Venezuela is the richest country in the world when it comes to oil so where is all that money going?

- The current president is working to replace the current National Constituent Assembly with his loyalists and changing the constitution ensuring total control of the government

As you can see by the facts outlined above, the time for the rest of the world to step in is long overdue. I, and those who support this petition, demand that the United States, United Nations and all member countries work to immediately get relief to the country and we ask that the UN force the current regime out of power allowing a new government to seize control and fix the countries issues.

We are all members of the same race, the human race, and it is our duty as human beings to ensure no group of people be forced to live in the real world hell that Venezualian's are currently living in.

We demand immediate and decisive action by the democratic countries of the world against this dictatorship and further spread of communism.

by Lance Walters (An American Patriot)


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