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Allow Felons to Vote

We should want felons to rejoin the community and not find themselves back in prison. The best way to do that is to welcome them to the community. Now I understand waving your second amendment right for the safety of the community but why on earth should they not be allowed to vote?

My best friend Mandy is a felon and she is the most interested person in politics I know. She turned over a new leaf when she got out of prison but she is still going to be punished by not being allowed to vote. Felons tend to learn a lot about laws when they are in prison because they are directly affects by them daily.

I want our country to start acting like felons are part of the people they serve. If that was the case maybe we would have less people going back to prison and more people caring about the country we are in.

This petition is to get PEOPLE their voting rights if they are going to be allowed out of prison. (This petition is excluding people that have such hideous crimes that they will not be allowed out.)

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