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Get Insurance companies out of the practice of medicine

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Have you ever been in the position where your physician determined the best treatment for you and then your insurance company interfered? We need to get the insurance companies out of the practice of medicine.

My wife has rheumatoid arthritis. Her physician has worked with her for years, getting to know her and her reactions to medications. When it came time to start a biological, he had a strong sense about which one would be best for her and what would be the best route of administration. Her insurance company denied authorization, stating that she had to try injections before infusions. She injected the medication for nine months with minimal benefit.

Then we changed insurance companies and the denial process started all over again. The new insurance denied the medication she was already on and required she try a different medication first. She reacted adversely to that medication and almost died during the second dose, despite being pre-medicated with maximum doses of antihistamines and steroids. This reaction has now triggered a rare and dangerous complication that requires she take another toxic medicine for the rest of her life.

After a year and nearly dying, the insurance company finally approved what the doctor asked for in the first place and she is getting some benefit. But she has suffered increasing pain and joint damage during this year, not to mention developing a drug complication that will most likely shorten her life. 

My wife is not alone. People all over the country are being injured by the insurance company practice of prior authorizations. We need to get insurance companies out of the practice of medicine. 

The concept of prior authorization is ludicrous. The practice of medicine requires years of training and practice, multifactorial carefully considered judgments go into every decision. There is no way a published list of standard procedures designed to benefit the insurance companies can care for you as well as can your personal physician. We shouldn't stand for it any longer.

I am petitioning the Justice department to arrest the CEOs of every insurance company that has adopted the practice of requiring prior authorization and charge them with practicing medicine without a license. 

Please sign this petition to have the CEOs of these giant corporations arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license. 


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