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United State Of America: stop the killing of the wolves, protect them from being slautered for fun

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the wolve are being killed for no reason and it is not right to kill something that is spiritual to me and my ancesters and to all the native american people round the world I am petitoning to ask people to help me and stand up for the wolves because they cant talk and tell the government to stop. we the people have to tell them to stop because it is not right to kill and living breathing creature that has done nothing wrong to any thing or any body in the intire world since the start of time. what people see in movies about wolves is not true they are loving carrying creature and they have rights to be here on mother earth/world to, the same as you and me so please please help me sign this petition to help me save my brothers and sisters and stop the slauter of them . they are being hunted down for fun and that is not right if you belive in what is right please sign this petition to save my brothers and sisters from being slauterd and used in meat product that you buy at the store and you know what they dont even tell you that it is my brother and sisters that you are eating in your hamburger meat or your taco's. if you dont help my borther and sisters they will all die until there is no more left to kill and eat. i am an apache warrior and i ask you all no matter what race you are i need you to help me and stand up and fight for the wolves lives they are people to they have rights and they have the right to live on this earth to. and if the government is true when they say all man are created equal then the wolves rights to be treated aqual is being taken away from them and that is not right. and you know what there is one thing the government does not want us people to know that we control the government and if we want to over trow it we could and that why we have elctions every year the president does not controle the people we the people controle the presidentand the government

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