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Fighting For Protection to Live Without Fear!

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There should not be a time limit on how a victim of domestic violence should receive a protective order. Women are being killed everyday, women are being abused everyday, and everytime we reach out for assistance the justice system has us waiting for a protective order. I have been running from my abuser for years. He has followed me every where I go, which ever direction I turn he is there. I went to the Family Law Division in Houston, Texas where I reside to get a protective order because my abuser found out where I lived and started harassing me stating he was going to kill me and my children.  I was told  while I was there that they only see a certain amount of people between 8am-11am Monday through Friday and that I could sit to see if I would get an interview that day. Also I was told that a current incident had to just occur just to get a protective order and that they were booked, so come back the next day in the morning. Well by that time my abuser started harassing me more, stalking me more, and I called to make a police report for harassment but that didn't do anything he continued harassing me. Then on December 7, 2016 my abuser kicked in my front door, sexually assaulted me, and tried to kill me and my children. Where is the justice? We shouldn't have to be bound, we shouldn't have to hide, we shouldn't have to live in fear for the rest of our lives. There should be away that victims of domestic violence should have the proper protection and justice. We shouldn't have to wait in line for a protective order. There should be a 24hr hotline and center that offers protective orders to victims based on their history of abuse. There should be a database registry listing the identity of abusers, male or females who have been convicted of domestic abuse or harassment multiple times so that the public could be aware of theses repeated offenders. There should be a code within the emergency department that should be given to law enforcements so that they would know the nature of the call and take proper precautions to ensure their safety as well as the victims saftey.  This could decrease the amount of  victims dying, officers dying, and repeated abuser from preying on their victims and others. We need justice, we want justice, and we want to live without fear. The United States Department of Justice and the United States Supreme Court can make this change happen.

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