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Stop involuntary airline bumping

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The recent episode of a a passenger being forcibly removed a united flight out of Chicago has highlighted an unrealized risk that passengers take when booking an airline ticket .  According to the fine print you do not actually have a guaranteed seat.

The airline can involuntarily bump you off the plane . The maximum they have to compensate you by Federal Law is $1300 .

Imagine booking a flight for your honeymoon or a funeral only to be told sorry we overbooked .Here is $1300 and no seat . 

The reason airlines have been getting away with this .

1.It only affect about 1 in 10,000 travelers.(it could be you next time)

2.Most customers do not read the fine print (contract of carriage )

3. Federal law limits the compensation airlines must pay for involuntary bumping .

 What should have happened in Chicago : The airline should have raised the incentive amount until someone decided it was worth it to voluntarily give up their seat .


The reason it did not happen : federal caps for compensation . The most airline can lose by forcing off a passenger is $1300.

We demand congress remove those caps so that the burden of over booked flights is shifted back to the airline .

No innocent passenger should be forcibly denied a seat due  to the airlines overbooking .


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