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Equal Staging Facilities For Rideshare Drivers

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to make local officials, residents and visitors aware of what we believe to be unfair conditions for RideShare Drivers compared to the taxi-cab companies at McCarran International Airport. Why do we as RideShare Drivers have what I believe to be horrible and challenging conditions while our drivers wait to service the transportation needs of visitors, friends and family who arrive in our wonderful city?


compared to what the taxi-cabs have at McCarran International Airport? I am a business man and I believe in seniority and I know the Taxi Cab companies have been doing it longer, and you built the airport around their needs and even maybe their wants;

  • food vendors, they have them and We DON'T!!
  • Respectable Bathroom Facilities. They Have Them... We DON'T!!
  • covered areas from the hot sun. they have coverage. We DON'T

We are only asking that City and State Officials, along with the TNC companies Uber/Lyft see what we see, make your way to McCarran International Airport staging area for taxi-cabs and then visit the area designated for Rideshare Drivers, compare the two facilities and judge for yourselves. I am businessman and I also believe in the theory of produce and demand, when one of my sales professionals new or experience produces, they are granted access to closer parking, better club breaks, early out nights, etc, etc, etc. They produce, so they are granted what they want, not treated like a step child.

Allow Us, United Rideshare Driver Association to monitor and maintain the area for all drivers, a seat at table so drivers in Clark County are properly represented.

Please someone needs to communicate with us on this matter, we are your residents, we live here also and help to service our mutual customers. Allow us to have a seat at the table participating in decision making. We pay for the Business License here in our great state of Nevada, and the local license to Clark County. Here is your opportunity through URSDA to talk to all drivers and hear our concerns The TNC Companies are partners with us, we are the actual boots on the ground and we are the ones moving customers around Vegas, in fact over 100,000 people a week, Can We Talk?

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