Putting Anti-Sexual Abuse Warning Labels on Condoms

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We Need Warning Labels On Condom Packaging.

The Health Department's initiative to give out free condoms are great to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Pregnancies but we also NEED LANGUAGE on those same condoms to curtail inappropriate and illegal use of condoms against minors and people who cannot or do not consent to sexual events. This is important because over 90% of sexual crimes are committed by people who know the person(s) whom they sexually violate. I think Condom manufactures have a social responsibility to communicate this language as well. All condom use is not positive. 

I know, personally, more than a half dozen women who are still suffering from sexual abuse by someone who used a condom to violate them. It is a heart breaking story to hear. It is also very painful to see those young women suffer from anxiety and depression years after the initial assault took place. We need sexual abuse warnings on condoms period!

We have to protect innocent people from the mental and physical trauma associated with the injustice of sexual violence even if the violence was accompanied with the use of a condom.

There is current research that shows an increase in condom usage in rapes and sexual assaults. We are seeing more sexual predators using condoms to rape, and molest victims.  Sexual Offenders are smart, they know it is harder to prove sexual abuse if a condom is used as a DISGUISE to cover up the sexual crime if the victim or the victim's advocate decides to press criminal charges. Sexual assault is the highest UNDER REPORTED CRIME that has the GREATEST HEALTH CRISIS connected to it.  

WARNING LABELS ON CONDOMS would be the sensible campaign to support since we have no language on any consumer products to WARN SEXUAL PREDATORS against sexual assault.

The Warning would address: Potential Criminal Charges, Sexual Offender Registration, Fines and Fees.

Everywhere you see a condom offered is where you should see an anti-sexual assault warning.