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Change the World through Music

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Be part of the whole - Fall in Love with the World

Join United Progressive Fraternity (UPF), Dr. James E. Hansen, and Rachel Parent (Kids Right to Know) in spreading a simple message before it's too late. The song in this music video sums up our message: Enjoy life and this Earth to the best of your ability, but don’t take what you don’t need, and take good care of what has been given. The refrain is perfect, “Fall in love with the world. The world needs to fall in love”. It will have you singing along.

Endorse the message in this video and we'll include you on the album 'Planetary Overload - Loss and Hope', a double CD package coming in 2017 featuring special guests Steve Hackett, Jerry Marotta, Hasse Fröberg, Guillermo Cides, Phil Naro, Colin Tench, Joanna St. Claire, Nick Magnus, special guest Dr. James E. Hansen, and many other international artists.

The earth is showing strain. 

It's weaker every day. 

The cracks are getting bigger. 

It's starting to give way.

More about the album:

The two themes, ‘Loss’ and ‘Hope’ will focus on the problems we are already beginning to encounter on a troubled planet and expected to face with increasing severity in the near future, and taking immediate positive action to mitigate those effects to ensure humanity’s survival. The album release is expected to culminate in a series of exciting global musical events which will raise further awareness about the plight of our planet and what we can all do to help. The concept for the album is based on the book ‘Planetary Overload’ by Professor Tony McMichael, who sadly passed away in September 2014.

Why is this important?

That's right - be our outspoken ambassadors; write a meaningful testimonial after listening to this powerful anthem about caring and loving the earth and ourselves. The message goes out to all humanity through this song.

Everyone who contributes a supportive message (personal comment, New Year's Resolution, Mission Statement, testimonial) via the petition will have their name listed in a special section of the forthcoming album booklet for Planetary Overload, and the 50 best testimonials will be printed (due to space limitations).


In addition, simply by providing your email with a supportive comment, you will receive a download link for the mp3 version of the song. It is yours to enjoy and keep, as appreciation for your participation in the project. Share this petition page and help us get as many petitioners as possible to aid the launch of the album to the world - the message is so very important. Note: the download link will be emailed to petition signers within three days.

How to send your message:

  1. Sign this petition. 
  2. Watch the video, ‘Fall in Love with the World'

  3. Leave your supportive message at the bottom of this page.

  4. You may also leave your name & comment on the Official UPF Campaign page
  5. Write your name and message in the comment box as you wish it to appear in the album booklet (if selected). 
  6. Although all names will be included (even if there are 30,000), the most insightful, inspiring, and meaningful comments are most likely to be selected for the album booklet. 
  7. If you are an activist, climate scientist, or organisation leader, you may include your affiliation in the comment. Do visit the UPF campaign website for details on how you can be associated with the UPF global community and a description of our partnership opportunities. We would love to hear from you - let us know who you are!

How it will be delivered

The petition messages/signatures will be delivered through global distribution of the forthcoming United Progressive Fraternity double CD package, 'Planetary Overload - Loss and Hope', as they are part of the album booklet (both CD and digital download artwork). The impact of your supportive messages will reach music reviewers, tour audiences, and a tie-in with an upcoming crowdfunding event.

Endorsement by Dr. James E. Hansen:

We are extremely honored and pleased to announce that Dr. James E. Hansen, one of the world’s foremost climate scientists, has endorsed the message of United Progressive Fraternity.

 “United Progressive Fraternity brings a much needed message to the people of the world, as stated in my book ‘Storms of My Grandchildren’. I stand wholeheartedly by their commitment to raise the awareness of as many people as possible to take corrective action and innovate fastidious planning to mitigate the runaway effects of Climate change.” – Dr. James E. Hansen

Dr. Hansen will be an honorary contributing member to the music and lyrics of Planetary Overload – Loss and Hope. At least one song will feature Dr. Hansen’s spoken messages, based on the theme of his 2010 book ‘Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity’.


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