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Want AHCA revised? TELL UPS

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THE AHCA/ H.R.1628 has passed the House. It still has to pass the Senate and be signed by the President. Before that happens, a few items need to revised and no government figure will do that just because you or I want them to. However, UPS is one of the biggest lobbyists in Washington. We're talking an average of twenty-five million dollars a year is spent by this one company to ensure that our laws reflect their interests.  

Now here's where things get interesting. Many hospitals, medical groups, insurers, and makers of medical devices have registered to lobby either for or against the Bill. ( Spolier: most of the medical establishment is against it.) But guess who else registered? Yep. UPS.

Why would a shipping company register to lobby a healthcare bill? 

I don't know for sure. What I do know is that UPS has already paid 80 grand and issued two specific issue reports on H.R. 1628 ( the bill) which had squat to do with anything in the bill and everything to do with the Federal Aviation Reauthorization Act, air traffic control, flight rules, US Open Skies, customs parity, package security provisions and the like ( i.e., the kinds of stuff you'd expect UPS to be concerned about.) Except, you wouldn't expect to find any of that in a lobbying effort for the ACHA ( also known as H.R. 1628)   What I do know is that several of our representatives own shares of UPS, and they ( gasp ) voted yes on AHCA. They include: Michael McCaul ( R-Texas); Dave Trott ( R-Mich ); Thad Cochran ( R-MS ); Jim Renacci ( R-Oh ); Tom MacArthur ( R-NJ ); Pete Sessions ( R-Texas.) So perhaps its some kind of you wash our backs and we'll wash yours type of scenario.

To be clear: UPS just paid 80 grand to ensure that their interests are supported via lobbying by ensuring that the politicians who are their shareholders conveniently voted yes. UPS probably doesn't care that if the bill becomes a law your Aunt Bertha's breast cancer will metastasize and she will die because-ready now?- CANCER is a pre existing condition, and she couldn't afford healthcare.

So, how about we, as the populace, pledge to never use UPS again ( Fed-EX, are you listening?) if they don't use their lobbying efforts to get the following points amended?

In its current form, the AHCA of 2017:

1. Allows states to opt out of requiring premiums to be the same for all people of the same age, so while individuals with pre-existing conditions must be offered health insurance, there is NO LIMIT on its cost.

What are some of these pre-existing conditions, you ask? Ah, good question! They include sleep apnea, hemophilia, Hep C, stroke, kidney disease, transsexualism, AIDS/HIV, lupus, drug/alcohol abuse, mental disorders, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, inflammatory joint disease, muscular dystrophy, cancer, obesity, cerebral palsy, organ transplant, congestive heart failure, bypass surgery, Chrons, colitis, Parkinson's, COPD, emphysema, ANY PENDING SURGERY OR HOSPITALIZATION!, diabetes, pneumocystis pneumonia, epilepsy, acne, allergies, asthma, ear infections, high cholesterol, incontinence, kidney stones, menstrual irregularities, restless leg syndrome, tonsillitis, varicose veins and more!

We want the ACA provision which states that insurers can't charge more for pre-existing condions to be kept intact. Period. Nobody is interested in funds to 'help' offset the higher cost. NO HIGHER COST.

2. Allows states to opt out of providing essential health benefits. What are essential health benefits, you ask? Another good question! 

Essential health benefits include: ambulatory patient services, emergency services, hospitalization, rehabilitative services for injuries, pregnancy, maternity and newborn services, laboratory services, pediatric services, birth control coverage, breast feeding coverage, prescription drugs, mental health services.

We want essential health services to remain mandatory for all insurers.

3. Allows employers to stop providing coverage especially since tax credits and tax advantages for employers who do provide coverage will be eliminated.

We want all credits and tax advantages to remain INTACT ( trust me on this.)

So how can UPS help? 

Pressure is everything. We want UPS to lobby FOR the points above.  By signing this petition, you pledge to never use UPS again unless they do so. Period. 

You don't want to see a time come when your dad is having chest pain but can't go to the hospital because he can't afford the ambulance/er/lab work costs/ Doctor fees, not to mention the fact that he's now uninsured  because his pre-existing condition ( a bypass) priced him out of an affordable option and he wasn't able to afford the new premium specifically for high risk patients. Don't let dad die at the kitchen table. Don't let your sister get sepsis from an untreated uti, because her history of repeated utis put her in the same risk group as your dad. And please don't let your son-who was born with cerebral palsy- not get the early services he will need so that he can one day walk and talk and laugh, don't let him grow up to be non responsive and wheelchair bound because early intervention services were cut and who could afford to pay physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy in full, on their own?

Well, the rich certainly can, but this little petition is addressed to the other 99% of the population. 

We are not completely powerless. They want our money. They always want our money.

Signing this may change nothing. But you are certainly not changing anything by sitting there kvetching about the Act. If it becomes a law people will die. A lot of people will die. Dramatic? Sure. True? Abso-fricking-lutely.




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