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Enable the voice of the 99%; repair the corrupted U.S. political system.

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     The Occupy Wall Street movement, and the Occupy movements inspired by it, have had tremendous influence on political conversation in the United States and the world.  Now is the time for the next step.  All members and believers in the Occupy movement must come together in one location.  It is time to "Occupy Cyberspace".  It is time to form the United Occupy Party; to centralize the power of the Occupy movement. In cyberspace, we could elect our leaders, determine policy, tactics, etc.  Sheer numbers alone would ensure weighted influence over elected officials.  With millions of signatures, how could we be ignored?

     We need your voice, your spirit, your signature, to empower all of us. We must make government a middle-class-friendly institution once again.  The alternative is to continue to be the sheep the 1% think we are and struggle to survive in this Plutocracy.  Sign the petition to form the party. Make your voice heard!  Now is the time!     If you are a true believer, go to  and take the first step toward a debt-free and financially secure future, or for some seriously funny political insight.

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