Worldwide taskforce for protecting humankind

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After sucessful fighting against Corona-Virus, we need:

--> an international task force for preparing and guiding human through diseases, pandemic, war and all other spontaneus anti human developements!

To reach this, we need:

  • ONE obligated smartphone application with all relevant information on time!
  • ONE legal regulation to track all smartphones over the world every time!
  • ONE funding pot to pay every human money for all important things as food, drugs,...corresponding to the purchasing power of the country!
  • ONE recommendation to store food and other stuff
  • ONE plan to shut down ALL interactions like buying food in a shop or going to the hairdresser for a certain time. And we mean ALL interactions. Everybody has to stay at home, all work - except for: staple food producer, cleaning supplies, hospitals, electronic repairs (e.g. for fridge), internet providers, researcher, Radio, politics, police and army. These people need their OWN place to stay, so that they are not forced to drive home!
  • ONE plan to realize the logistic (e.g. via army) to bring the people their needed stuff to their home! (NO collection like shopping!)
  • ONE powerful instrument, which is more powerful than the decisions of Presidents like Daisy Trump.
  • NO shutdown of the analog Radio (UKW / FM), at least one channel per country!
  • NO invoices will be created during this time, NO stock exchanges are open this time.

In summary that means: 

With this solution we take the world into hibernation! The time will be stopped for a while - until the trigger / virus / other is found and destroyed. 

This is the only way to stop all hazards fast!