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Women's Right to Live

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Petition to change and give a Woman Human Rights to live.

Please share and sign petition to show strength of solidarity power in stopping rapes ,molestation, eve teasing, harassment, sex slavery of women in the whole world ..

It is for sake of Woman.

Everyone is fighting for Gay rights.. Farmers..Pollution.. Endangered Species..Climate change....Female Infanticide? Not for Woman's right to live without being violated? Ironic that we fight to save girl babies but do nothing to stop violation. 

I ask on behalf of all the women from age of 1 yr onwards who were raped molested groped abused.. Those kids did not wear provocative dresses or venture outside or ask for it. Like some lawmakers make it seem recently in India.  
We never ask.. Never ...
I ask for protection of all genders so no one is abused. It kills us each time an incident comes as news or happens to one of us... We die each time.. Die each time... We scrub scrub scrub away with showers and soaps but what to use for mental bruises? We die each time. 

Tipping point is not far off..We are fed-up frustrated angry rageous... It's not our nature but these events have pushed us too far..

We dread bringing in kids boys or girls in to the world.. What to teach my son how to protect my daughter... From whom?... In stories bad demons are black but real life they come masked...
Protests are happening across the world for animals.. Climate changes... Other issues.. But something for women? Who lives with you on this Earth... Are we lower on list than all or do we exist even?
Tagore  a revolutionary poet wrote "where mind is free from fear and I can walk head held high "..
Women we are still waiting to see that day... Talk to wives mothers sisters aunts grand mothers.. All faced it...

I recently read a girl saying.. We all have been touched groped harassed or molested in someway ... We just came home cried in showers tore the dress to shreds ...scrubbed skin until it hurt so it feels like us again. Curled up too scared... 

Still waiting...for some change.. Stricter laws?  Quick processing of cases... Maybe some drastic change in mindset of treatment of Women??? 

This is not about feminism not for equality.. But basic right to live our lives without being violated. 
We have right to live free from abuse. We will become mentally..emotionally extinct if this continues. We too are at risk of  becoming Endangered species!!! 

We need United Nations and Human Rights to intervene and put up policies and laws in each country to prevent this. We want this to be addressed in the United Nation Meeting with global leaders with strict mandates and action items. 

Pass it on. Sign the petition please if you are a Woman.. Have a daughter or Son or just a human.. 


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