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The kukis constitute one of the several hill tribes within India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. The kukis, by some, also known as Bnei Menashe - the lost tribe of Israel. For the past 25 years, the Kukis of Manipur, India have been observing September 13 as "Black Day" to remember the killings of over a 100 kukis on that day in 1993.The massacre followed quit notice by the United Naga council (UNC) to Kuki villages in the hill district of manipur. Many Kukis vacated their villages. The Zoupi villagers, who were given a deadline of September 15, vacated their villages in September 13. As they were leaving, a group of 100 Kukis were intercepted by Cadres of Naga militant group, National socialist council of Nagaland, Isak-Muivah(NSCN-IM). The men were blindfolded and beheaded. The so-called NSCN-IM is a Naga militant group with which the government of India had signed a historic Framework agreement on August 5, 2015.

Between 1992-1997, over 1157 innocent Kuki civilians including pregnant women,children, aged and infirm were brutally massacred, more than 360 village were uprooted in their own land and over 100000 kukis left homeless.The genocide was so brutal that suckling babies were flung in the air and pierced with spears as they fall. women were rape, killed and bamboos were horrendously pierced in their genitals.The crime against humanity perpetrated by the Tangkhul led NSCN-IM is clearly an affront against humanity, an assault on human rights and a challenge upon civilised existence in the world. It is a shame that only a few people - mostly the victim community i,e the Kukis are standing up against such holocaust today. Where is the civilised urban India and national media which got so enraged over a single instance of rape? what are they doing over the genocide of over 1000 innocent kukis including women and suckling child? 

  • Do the Kuki women killed by NSCN-IM with bamboos horrendously pierced inside their genitals not deserved Human Rights outrage?
  • Where is the plethora of Human Rights activists and Human rights organisations in the country and the world over?
  • The chairman of National Human Rights commission (NHRC), new Delhi,India was invited to speak in this gathering today. Is he here? If not, why has he not shown up?
  • Are we to assume that violations of human rights have different urban and rural grading, that one is more deserving than the others?
  • How long the victims of NSCN-IM led Kuki genocide have to wait for justice?
  • How long, we the Kuki people have to live in continuous fear and insecurity in our own land, within the largest democracy in the world India?                                                                                                    Dear reader, We the kuki people urged you to stand with us in getting justice for the massacre of 1157 innocent lives and over 100000 homeless innocents in this holocaust.