We want a visa-free world

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Only in about 1980 passports were standardized, and the longer we go back, more the situation about international travel and passport was not at all regulated as it is now. Historically big migrations were a necessary way of regulating inequality in the world. One of the reasons of the problems of the migration crisis we face now is the fact that travel is both easier and more difficult: it's easy to take a plane anywhere, and to gather the knowledge needed for developing places like Africa, people want to travel and learn about each other. Also we as a world civilization have more and more mixed families, and we want to visit our family and make holiday trips to their and other countries. However, visa regulations are really strict, against what we decided in the Declaration of Human Rights about the right to move.

That's why we want to move the governments of the world to band together to permit visa free travel everywhere in the world, so we can get to know each other, prevent further wars and be the world civilization we really are.

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