We Need Dams in Pakistan!

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We need Dams asap because according to the UNO Report, Pakistan is at the 7th position in the list of countries, which are facing water crisis. Presently, according to a research study, approximately water having economic values of $70 billion is being thrown into sea every year due to non-construction of water reservoirs in Pakistan. A water starved country, which has the foreign reserve of only $20 billion, can’t afford throwing water of economic value of $70 billion every year into sea.

PCRWR revealed that rapid depletion of ground water may soon worsen the water crisis in Pakistan’s major cities, causing a drought-like situation.  The problem of water shortage in Pakistan has gained the momentum as our water storage capacity is only for 30 days, and Pakistan has the 4th highest rate of water use in the world. It simply means that water intensity rate – the amount of water in cubic meters used per unit of GDP is the world highest and no country’s economy is more water intensive than that of Pakistan!