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Peter IDAHOSA a lancé cette pétition adressée à United Nations

My name is Peter Idahosa and I am calling on the DISSOLUTION  AND SCRAPPING OF THE UNITED NATIONS immediately,

If the united nations can't act urgently very urgently now in the case of Nigeria then the organisation doesn't have any reason to continue to exist,Nigeria is Africa, NIGERIA IS HOME TO MORE THAN 230 MILLION BLACK RACE but as important as Nigeria for the preservation of african race UN prefer to IGNORE NIGERIA and be playing blind eye,

if with all the  EVIL ATROCITIES, TERRIBLE WICKEDNESS, GÉNOCIDE going on in Nigeria today,  things  that even the blind can see while a giant organisation like UN,  a moral compass of the world continue to pretend not to see the great Evil going  on in Nigeria   because of one small country like Britain who is among the  5 permanent members of the United Nations then that organisation should be SCRAPPED IMMIDIATELY.

we now consider UNITED NATIONS as partial to AFRICA, UNITED NATIONS has become an instrument for the Domination of Africa, tell me why in the conflict between Israel/ Palestine  United nation where quick to call for an urgent meeting , tell me why many small conflicts in  other western countries  United Nations are quick, very quick to call conferences while in most cases not even one person will be killed UN will call a meeting but when it comes to africa UN will fold their hands, close their eyes.

In Nigeria today evil is going  a terrible evils; génocide  is taking  place every single day as write this, a foreign tiny, very tiny  terrorists aliens from futa hallo has hijacked power at the center with the  help of Britain, there's  an ABOMINATION great ABOMINATION  going on in Nigeria right Now, where pure foreigners , tiny, very tiny minority  are now lording over the large very  large indigèneous majority with the help of Britain  and United Nations  are pretending not to see because Britain  being  a permanent member of the  United Nations  is protecting their free oil and gas and United nation is mute

we know why UN is keeping quiet , we know it's because of one small country called  Britain  who with one hazardous luck find himself  among  the  5 permanent members of the  United Nations 

Britain came  to Nigeria  as a COLONISATOR, after haven't  killed  us, enslaved us, sold us  they then went ahead to amalgamate people of different tribes, different  religion, different culture, different languages  , different  ambitions together.

All these ATROCITIES  Britain committed because of our resources  oil and gas, Britain now  went ahead to give the keys of Nigeria  to the least educated almost  alien groups to the region 

Britain collaborated with aliens  who came from futa jallo to tie the indigèneous people down  so that  they  Britain will continue  to control by proxy, but these  are the issues for another  day,

If Britain want to continue with their oil and gas business in Nigeria  they are free, if Britain want to continue  to do business  in the oil and gas sector they are free but they should do their negotiations with the owners, the indigèneous owners of the oil  not with an alien people under the fraudulent name called NIGERIA 

The name Nigeria  is one BIG monumental FRAUDE, it was put together by Britain and they install aliens in charge so that they Britain will continue  to rule and control by proxy,  the  name Nigeria  don't have any meaning, the name Nigeria doesn't have a land, the name Nigeria  is just one big  monumental FRAUDE put together by Britain  so they can continue to have free oil and gas and all the Nigeria genocidal problems comes  from  there,

I am calling on the immediate DESSOLUTION OF THE UNITED NATIONS, 

United nations has become partial to AFRICA, United nation is waiting for another  great WAR in African, where 30000000 million people should have been killed before they will now deemed it fit to call a Urgent conference on the situation of Nigeria. 

In my very strong certitude and I know I am not  alone  we are asking  for the immediate DISSOLUTION  of the UNITED NATION  it's   of no longer of use,  if it can no longer carry out it's primary responsibilities in AFRICA because Nigeria is Africa, without Nigeria there's no Africa, and Nigeria need to be among the permanent members of that  United nations, 

You can't SECLUDE AFRICA  from permnentship , what are the  conditions  for  becoming a member among 5 permanent members, what are these conditions, Nigeria  resolves crisis all over africa military, financially. 

So we Nigérians representing Africa  we are saying UNITED NATIONS should be scrapped  immidiately  for the simple reason that  the organisation  is now OUTDATED with all the various permanent sits and permanentships

United nations is now an institution that  can no longer resolve crisis  urgently, the institution no longer  function,   of what use is UNITED NATION TO THE GÉNOCIDE IN NIGERIA  TODAY, Tell me of what use???




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