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For these nine reasons we demand and call the UN to end Mahiga's job as UN envoy in Somalia.

Dr Augostina Mahiga UN envoy of Somalia broke all the rules and files 9 times in the UN missions of Somalia:
1) Was directly involved in the sacking of the former PM Farmaajo.

2) He was responsible for equalization of the President, Leader of the Parliament, The Prime Minster and the self appointed Regional leaders in the country, a move designed to weaken the dignity of the legitimate government of country.

3) He did break the already useless Parliament into pieces in order to accomplish his own personal political goals without the glaring eyes of a working parliament.

4) He openly sided with the leader of the parliament to the point of assassination of the journalist who filmed of the events of the parliament of the day Sharif Hassan was attempted to be ousted with a hand raising vote causing almost a coup in the parliament.

5) He abused his powers by insulting the Presidency’s office and the Premiers grace by suggesting a revolution had taken place if the President’s Office.
6) He insulted the Islam and an Islam nation by saying that Somalia will never be governed in The Islamic Shari’ a

7) He previously without hiding said that he tried to support the recognition of Somaliland to happen which is totally unacceptable act of interference of the affairs of Greater Somalia.

8) He works day and night inside Somalia to ensure the country is divided in to weak fragmented little mini states or order to create a situation where it’s hard to bring back the pride of and existence of a viable Somali Nation. 

 9) As a UN envoy to Somalia, he failed in every sense of word. He let down the International community, the UN and the people who have been working with him to bring about a final peaceful solution between the political camps fighting for power. He sides with a group and has since proved as a part of the problem and not a UN tool of negotiations.


Translated by Mr Bashir Isse



Letter to
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Spokesperson for the Secretary-Genera Michèle Montas
xafiiska madaxweynah Somalia
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xafiiska madaxweynaha somalia
I just signed the following petition addressed to: United Nations, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

We call UN to end Mahiga's Job in Somalia as UN envoy

For these reasons we demand and call the UN to end the job of Mahiga's job as UN envoy in Somalia.

1- His politics in Somalia caused the president ,prime ministers ,chairman of the parliament and what so called from UN leaders of autonomy regions to be same level .

2- Mahiga takes a part a conspiracy which caused that ex-Somali prime minister Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo to loose his position.

3- Mahigo came a part of Somali problems after he devided the Somali parliament and stand with a small group than the main group who fired the ex-chairman of the parliament Sharif hassan.

Mahiga claimed there in villa Somalia held a revolution a group he called Aal-sheik and it is new on the ear of Somali people but the fact there is nothing happened because the president and the prime still they are on their positions for this case he came a great liar against a part of Somalis' for their religion.

5- He claimed before that he tried to bring for somalilanders to be recognised government and this means interfering of somali internal affairs directly.

6- The other thing and great for us ,we do not accept any constitution will not vote whole Somali country and that will not come possible until to succeed a creation of good government which ruling all of Somalia.



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