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War is Not the Answer

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WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER...There needs to be an alternate

The Looming War Near North Korea seems to be immanent. We have to learn the lessons of the past. World Wars and conflicts where millions of innocent lives are lost is not the answer for a peaceful future. 

This partition showcases a different strategy to deal with this world issues at hand without a single bullet being fired... A peaceful resolution for change.

My suggestion that I recommend is peaceful  'Live debate online'. For the world to watch and understand and try negotiate a mutual understanding between all countries. Surely a civil conversation and negotiated be arranged?

Not only will this petition show how much people are against war but it will start the conversation about alternate conflict 'strategies' fora peaceful change. A debate viewed by everyone 'Online' could resolve the conflict and allow future generations the ability to enjoy their lives rather try not to think about the tragic end of lives lost from this meaninglessness of war.

Let's vote with our feet and show the world leaders that in 2017 we want them to be smarter with their decisions, with our future and our children's future. Your signature will save lives. There has to be another way to resolve issues then to go to War.

Matt Andersen





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