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Recently, Hamas hijacked protests during Friday prayers, transforming them into violent riots of bombs, guns, grenades and IEDs, in order to break through the border fence with Israel. However, these terror actions designed to threaten Israeli soldiers and civilians have been called by some a “peaceful resistance”.

Let’s take a closer look at Hamas, which rules the territory since 2006.

Hamas is an extremist organization highlighting a racist ideology, recognized as a terrorist group by most democratic entities including Canada, the United States, and the EU. Instead of governing Gaza and building a better future for its inhabitants, Hamas has diverted its resources towards rockets, missiles and tunnels. Meanwhile, its repressive rule of the Gaza Strip has meant a harsh reality for all vulnerable minorities, as well as for women. Overall, Hamas media and propaganda outlets have indoctrinated the children of Gaza with deep-seated hatred against their Israeli neighbors. Since coming to power in Gaza, Hamas has murdered scores of Israeli civilians in their own homes, on the other side of the border.

By 2014, Israel had discovered dozens of tunnels protruding into its territory and under its communities “The average tunnel requires 350 truckloads of construction supplies,” The Wall Street Journal reported, “enough to build 86 homes, seven mosques, six schools or 19 medical clinics.” The estimated cost of each tunnel is $90 million.

In 2018, life in Gaza is a disaster. Why is that so? Hamas leadership hides weapons in schools, hospitals and homes, with total despise for its population safety and well-being. Besides, women and children are used as human shields, while the families of “martyrs” are paid for wounds and deaths. Actually, this tactic is designed to misguide the public’s moral judgment, believing that they are witnessing “civil casualties”.

Unquestionably, Hamas’ obsession with killing Israelis and destroying Israel is the reason why Gaza inhabitants continue to suffer.

Men, women and children of Gaza, whose fate is under the control of a terrorist regime, cannot leave you indifferent.

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