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Indian government has revoked article 370. This article guaranteed Kashmir a special status and a great degree of autonomy, including exemption from the Indian constitution. Indians were unable to buy property or settle in Kashmir, however, now with the article revoked, it would mean India would have unchecked access and ownership of Kashmiri land. This is a direct attack on the political status of Kashmir. It is an attack on the hope that they had for self determination. 

There is an increased escalation of the crisis in Kashmir. 35,000 additional troops were deployed in a region with ALREADY reportedly 500,000 Indian troops (in a region that’s the most militarised zone in the world) There is an internet blockade, communication has been blacked out. People are unable to contact their families that reside there. Political leaders had also been detained. 

Human rights abuse in Kashmir has been going on since 1947. Mass killings, rape, disappearances, torture and sexual abuse. The Indian army have been held accountable for committing severe human right abuses against Kashmiris. Reportedly, 100,000+ people have died since 1989. The UN has expressed concern over the large number of killings by Indian security forces. The UN cannot just keep this matter on its back shelf and overlook it! 

This matter NEEDS global attention, Kashmiris are unable to project their voices to the internet blackout, we MUST do it for them. Spread the word, raise awareness against the atrocities, against the 70 long years of oppression done by India. Let Kashmiris decide their future, not Indians, not Pakistanis.