UN Should Prioritise World Unification In Order To Advance Humanity As A Race.

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Humanity has long been divided whether by skin colour, religion/belief, ruler's or simply by fate, throughout history what separates us has fluctuated and changed. And I hereby emplore humanity as a whole to stop this ridiculous charade. It is estimated that the world spent around 1.6 trillion on known military expenditures back in 2015 34% of which was contributed by the US alone, just imagine for a moment what the world could do with that kind of money. Imagine what we could achieve if we were all unified together. World Hunger could be abolished in under a decade, as well as access to clean water and shelter for all. The research into currently incurable diseases such as cancer would be greatly acclerated and we would take the next steps as a species into a new age of prosperity. Where discrimination would begin to rapidly declined worldwide,  equality would be the norm and everyone will have equal opportunitys. Our expansion into space for resources will no longer be hindered by regulations nor will the ability to obtain complete Internet coverage across the globe. Not only that but the sharing of research will boost our rate of technological advancement atleast three fold increasing life expectancy, reducing the death of young/old people, allowing for greater adaptation of the global education system and of course allowing us to halt global warming in its tracks. Under all these pretenses I ask that you recognise how far we've come as a race and disown any of your primitive ways of violence & hatred. And take it upon yourself to make a significant but necessary change to the world we live in by supporting this cause. One which will see humanity take a leap into its next stage of evolution.

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