UN resolution implementation on Kashmir and safety of Kashmiri people in India

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Kashmiri people are facing Indian brutalities since long. While after the recent attack on Indian army troops in Pulwama Indian held Kashmir has jeopardized the lives of Kashmiri people in whole India. 

Desperate citizens of India besides other racists parties have started threaten, harras, baton, and even killing Kashmiri people and Kashmiri do not feel safe in Indian cities in addition they are suffering Indian armed forces atrocities in Indian held Kashmir. One of the largest military zone to control the people who protest and demonstrate rallies every day for their basic human right of self-determination. 

Kashmiri are endeavoring for their freedom from Indian occupation both politically and via indigenous gorilla war. 

Kashmiri people demand United Nations to implement its resolution on Kashmir to save precious lives of people who only demand freedom and have been killed or wounded by Bullet and Pellets.