FAO UN Intervention to protect Farmers rights to peacefully protest in India

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The largest protest in human history is happening right now, millions numbers of farmers and workers from across India are in the capital city of Delhi protesting against three new highly controversial laws that will permit private corporations to buy crops at reduced prices. The new laws are biased in favour of corporate interests and promote the exploitation and extinction of small-scale farmers and their traditional ways of life.

We call on the The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to intervene and make appropriate representations to India on this matter.

We, as European Citizens and residents of the Punjabi diaspora, have deep rooted ancestral links to agriculture and land. Our families and friends are involved in the protests. The scenes of violence are traumatic to us and our community. The silence of the United Nations, FAO and European governments in not condemning these injustices is deafening and abhorrent!

Peaceful protesters campaigning for Farmers Rights in Delhi face savage violence of police brutality with the use of tear gas and water cannon to quell the protests and disperse crowds. There have been several fatalities and many injured farmers amongst the protesters. Such a violent response to peaceful protest is a human rights violation and should be completely unacceptable to the UN and FAO. India is the largest democracy in the world where members of the public should be able to advocate for this or any cause without fearing for their safety; the right to peaceful protest is fundamental in any democracy. Despite many calls to take action, the UN, FAO and European governments has failed to make any meaningful representation to their Indian counterparts to urge them to allow peaceful protest, and to play a positive role in the promotion of constructive civil engagement.

Please sign our petition to give a clear message to the The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and European governments, that they must intervene to defuse this situation, and they must condemn these violations and injustices as unacceptable under the UN human rights charter.

A European wide Rally has been organised by Movement against Atrocities & Repression (MAR) outside the FAO UN headquarters in Rome on 15 Jan 2021

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