UN Aid in the US

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Millions of Americans live in deep poverty and nothing is being done about it. Over 50% of the country is living on $50,000 a year and less whilst 82% of last years global wealth stayed in the pockets of the top 1%. Puerto Rico is still in absolute shambles. Flint, Michigan still doesn't have clear water. Millions of adults and children cannot afford or even qualify for healthcare, causing a massive health crisis. Rent prices and the prices of homes continue to soar while wages have not kept up with inflation since the 1970s. And now, the current administration is trying to attack the poorest Americans once again by stripping us of much needed welfare programs in favor of an even larger military budget and a useless wall between the US and Mexico. I am a horrified, concerned, impoverished citizen of the US that is watching my government fail it's people DAILY and we cannot survive another 3 years of this administration. We need help to eradicate the deep state influence as well as the influence of big money and restore true democracy for the public purpose. We cannot do it alone and our leadership is systemically trying to subjugate us and kill us off one by one. 

We request an investigation into the massive corruption within the US government as well as the arrest and prosecution of ALL officials who are guilty of corruption, collusion, and treason against the American people. 

Sign today and let them know you're fed up with the mistreatment and abuse of the American people. The lies and the abuse stops NOW. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.