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Try to prevent the use of Chemical Weapons

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We are a group of 6th graders from LREI who are studying chemical weapons. We care deeply about this topic. Chemical weapons are horrifying and they should no longer be made or used. They kill people in horrible, painful ways.

Many chemical weapons start out as pesticides but are used as weapons instead, often during war. Some chemical weapons act upon contact with skin and cause severe burns and blisters. Nerve agents, such as sarin gas, act upon contact with skin or inhalation, and cause the victim to lose control of their bodily functions. Blood agents interfere with the way blood cells use and transport oxygen. Choking Agents affect the victim's ability to breathe. Recently, Sarin gas, a nerve agent, was used in Syria. Many innocent people, including women and children, were killed. This is a horrible thing.

This merciless act demands that we take immediate action to stop the use of these horrible weapons and prevent ruthless attacks. They are STILL used and made in many different countries. YOU can help stop them now, by signing this petition. It will go to the United Nations, who have the power to stop the use of chemical weapons. Some of you may be thinking, "How does this concern me? It's all so far away!" If so, think about this: There have been used in domestic attacks before, such as in Japan, where poison gas was released into the subway. These weapons need to be stopped! We need to halt chemical weapon productions before they fall into the wrong hands. Together, WE can put an end to these dreadful weapons.

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