Towards The Implementation Of The Palestinian Right Of Return

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Towards the implementation of the Palestinian right of return
according to United Nations general assembly resolution-194 and marking the 70th 'Nakba' anniversary and the Palestinian March of Return.
We, the Arab and Jewish members of the Young Communist League in Israel, call upon the communist, socialist and leftist youth movements and supporters of the Palestinian just struggle in the Middle East and the world to sign this petition in solidarity with the Palestinian People and the Palestinian right of return to their homeland.
On the eve of the Palestinian March of Return held by the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel, we call upon you to circulate this petition to the largest number of signatories, activists and supporters in order to convey the message of the Palestinian People for freedom and justice, in accordance with the international resolutions adopted by your governments, mainly the UN resolution 194 that demands the return of the Palestinians expelled from their land during the 1948 war. Acknowledging the rights of the Palestinian refugees is a necessary cornerstone of achieving a just and lasting peace..
This year we cross more than half a century of military occupation of the Palestinian Territories. These have been years of apartheid, discrimination, fascism, the continuation of the horrendous siege over the Gaza Strip, of suppression and tyranny and a continuous cycle of violent warfare that has shed the blood of both People. We call upon you to join us in solidarity against Zionist nationalism, Imperialism and the Arab reactionary regimes and to recognize the right of return for the Palestinian people.
For freedom, justice and peace