To Declare Pakistan A Terrorist State

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Why Should Pakistan Be Declared A Terrorist State?

Spreading the terrorism based on hatred and extremism, Pakistan is the biggest supporter of International Terrorism.Countless terror organizations, FATF greylist, nuclear proliferation record, declining minority population, shielding heads of terror organizations. Why is it so that of nearly all the terrorist attacks in India, and many in the world, the terrorist group involved has a connection with Pakistan? Saying that the Pakistan government isn't involved in it is an irony, because feeding so many terrorists on their own land and not knowing about it is practically impossible.To convince Pakistan to cease supporting terrorist groups, it is very much essential to teach it a lesson, afterall, their own Ex- ambassador to US accepted that his country supports terrorism.

The Pulwama Attack in India

Masood Azhar is officially the cheif of Jaish-e-Mohammad, the group who took responsibility for the Pulwama terror attack in which 44 Indian Soldiers were martyred. Haifz Syyed, another terrorist spreading extremist thoughts, was provided Z+security by Pakistan.He is the co founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba and the cheif of Dama'at-ud'Da'awah. We all know how he is moving freely in Pakistan and spreading hatred among the people by using extremist religious thoughts.If the government knows about him, his group, how can they straightaway deny their involvement in any of the attacks by their groups?

The Pathankot Attack

United Jihad council which is an umbrella organization formed by the Pakistan Army , took the responsibility.

The 2008 Mumbai Attacks

Lashkar-e-Taiba , an Islamic Terrorist Group in Pakistan took the responsibility.

The Impact on India and The World

Not only India, but the world is threatened by the terrorism Pakistan is funding. Declaring Pakistan as a terrorist state would help fight against it . Providing a safe haven to the terrorists out there, Pakistan is in itself a threat to the world. The fight against terrorism starts here, by banning Pakistan, By declaring it a terrorist state. Others would follow the row, but it all starts with declaring Pakistan as the terrorist state.