Time To Rise In The Support Of Human Rights Of Female Babies!

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“So kyon manda aakhiye jit jamme rajan” “Why call her inferior?” From her, even Kings are born” - Guru Nanak Sahib Ji 

People of the world who agree with Guru Nanak Ji’s stand in favor of the woman paying her due respect as the mother of every human being must come forward.

In many parts of the world newborn female children are disowned, killed, abandoned or even thrown to the dogs. Figures of such cases have risen all over the world to alarming level. We must get and stand together to start this petition of appealing to the UNO to make tough laws to stop such inhuman acts. If the parents can’t raise the female baby, they have no right to kill her. Wherever in the world a female child is killed or thrown away a criminal case must be registered against the accused

Let’s get united on the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji, who said “do not insult or degrade a woman who has given birth even to the greatest men on this planet”, to change the mindset of the society.