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The Unlawful Recognition of the State of Israel in the pre-existing Lands of Palestine.

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We present this Petition on behalf of all Palestinian People; those resident in Region of Palestine; those resident within the Unlawful State of Israel; those resident in any of the Occupied areas (including Gaza, East Jerusalem; the West Bank); and those Indigenous Palestinians made refugees by the action of Zionist Occupiers, their 'Terrorist Gangs' and the Military & Civil Actions of the US Government of the time.

Under International Law of the time (and of the present); The Hague Convention; and the International Criminal Court. The Petition relates to: The Unlawful Recognition, by the United Nations, of the 'State of Israel', in the pre-existing Lands of Palestine, during the time that Britain had a duty of 'Protection' for those Indigenous people of that Region; the indigenous population who were under British Protection under the League of Nations.

State concerned/Articles violated:
All of the UN’s Conventions on Human Rights, Political and Civic, and the legal Constitutional basis upon which the United Nations was founded.

Name of the State (s) against which the complaint is directed:
The USA, UK and all other Nations that Unlawfully sought the creation of the ‘State of Israel’ in the pre-existing Lands of Palestine  (as evidenced here). AND; the State of Israel that was subsequently unlawfully created.

Exhaustion of domestic remedies/Application to other international procedures:
Various representatives of the Palestinian People (including some Nation States) and those Indiginous Palestinians, resident in all locations listed, have sought exhaustive remedies at ‘domestic’ level for over 68 years. 

Due to Unlawful actions of the USA and the ‘Zionist Movement’ (and its various bodies / lobby groups) the ‘Indigenous People' of the previously recognised Region of 'Palestine’, have never been in a position to properly represent themselves as a ‘Domestic State’ since 1948.

They have, instead, constantly sought International Resolutions. Many International Petitions have been won, including with the UN and the ICC, but these have not been properly implemented by those who are current 'Occupiers' of Palestinian Lands named in this Petition; Namely the USA, UK, et al and the Unlawful ‘State of Israel’ itself.

Facts of the complaint:

The Balfour Agreement, along with associated communications with Lord Rothschild (representing the Zionist Movement); UK Parliamentary discussions (then and subsequently); and the British Mandate under the League of Nations; all refer to the legitimate region of Palestine (known as such since Roman times) and the pre-existing Nation of People who called themselves ‘Palestinian’.

Britain’s Mandate was to protect the Political and Civic Rights of the Palestinian People, in the Palestine Region, subsequent to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire (the Previous Occupiers of Palestine). By the Lawful International Agreement of the time, Britain was to prepare the Palestinian People for Independence.

It is clear from the Balfour Agreement (and all other related communications which was read and agreed by the Zionist Movement, led by Lord Rothschild) what were the explicit implications of ‘the clear wording’ of the proposed arrangement for the settling of Jewish Refugees (Displaced Peoples) in 'Palestine'.

The details of all UK’s Government, Legal and Public Statements & Agreements, were that the arrangements will in no way impact upon the Palestinian People’s Political and Civic Rights, in their transition to an ‘Independent State’ (as agreed in under the British Mandate).

The UN’s ‘recognition’ of a 'State of Israel' in no way confers on that Occupied Region any legal Status. In fact, the recognition of a State, created by criminal means, dismissing the previously recognised status of the ‘Nation of Palestine’, can be construed not only as Unlawful, but complicity in and International Crime.

The State of Israel was created by ‘Terrorist Actions’, perpetrated by unlawful immigrants to the region, while under the British Mandate of the League of Nations. Those later immigrants were not ‘Displaced Jews’, but were previously settled and free & secure citizens of the USA and many European Nations. The displaced Jews were in a small minority.

The ‘Immigrant Invasion’ (That included the ‘Thug Invasion’ of the Stern Gang) which the USA orchestrated on behalf of the US based Zionists, was wholly illegal and criminal in its actions. Further more, I have personally seen the evidence that the US Military Advisers were complicit in those Terrorist Attacks (excused on the basis of ‘'defensive actions').

It is a matter of historical fact that British Soldiers were murdered in that ‘invasion’ and that many Palestinians were murdered, their homes stolen, Villages destroyed and the wider Civic Administrations destroyed. Many more (Hundreds of thousands) were ‘Displaced’ as Refugees and their families remain Refugees today. The Indigenous Palestinians (as you and the ICC are fully aware) have been under aggressive occupation since then.

The other terrorist actions are a matter of established Historical facts, many of them confirmed by Israeli Historians, Senior Israeli Military Personnel and IDF veterans. Those terrorist actions continue up until today and the pretence of ‘Defence’ is wholly false under the circumstances of Israel’s clear Illegal Occupation of ‘all’ Palestinian land (including the region described as ‘The State of Israel’.

The United Nations will have already received overwhelming evidence that supports the Palestinian Claims of ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’. The UN will also be aware of other serious crimes of Israel’s Administrations (impacting upon their Human Rights Generally and across the board) are also recorded with yourselves. Over the 68 years of Israel's and the UN’s existence.

Much of that evidence to support the Petition / Claim is submit here; that the United Nations recognition of Israel was Unlawful and that it’s continued recognition of the State of Israel is both Unlawful and in many respects can be shown to be ‘Criminal’, in terms of its complicity in Criminal Actions of some Member States (Named).


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