UN should acknowledge the role of the world in debates regarding institutional reform

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Ali Rastegar
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Davos 2019 has expressed the need to reform and transform institutions due to the fourth industrial revolution which " are changing how individuals, governments and companies relate to each other and the world at large", says the World Economic Forum 2019 overview
We are now at a critical time in the history when we have the opportunity to adapt to the new world. We have experienced it before, the internet began as a peer-to-peer network. Look at the world now, huge monopolies own much of the internet today. Computer scientists are pushing to reinvent the internet again. Will we, twenty-thirty years from now, look back and think we lost the internet to monopolies for yet another time? And if we lose the game to them again who is to blame? We are to blame.
We need debates beyond discussions of the elites of the world in Davos. People of the world should be at the centre of ongoing debates regarding their future. Please sign the petition so UN acknowledges the role of the people of the world in debates regarding the future of the world.