Nigerian Government Ignore the killings of Christians in Kaduna and in the North

Nigerian Government Ignore the killings of Christians in Kaduna and in the North

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11th June, 2020.

Yesterday (10th June, 2020), in the morning, Yusuf Moses Magaji, 32, and father of two walked to his farm just on the outskirts of Zangon Kataf town, in Zangon Kataf LGA in the Southern part of Kaduna state and did not return as he was was later discovered murdered.
Yusuf, a teacher and tsam by tribe, is the son of retired Rev. Musa Magaji who resides at Kibori in Zamandabo ward of the local government. It is close to Zangon Kataf town.
It was from there that Yusuf had left to the farm and his failure to return home hours longer that he ought to, generated curiosity.

Already, Hausa-Fulani community of Zangon Kataf had warned Atyap natives from cultivating some farmlands near the town which they have been claiming ownership. This led to a near clash between Atyap youths of Unguwan Wakili and those of Hausa-Fulani community last week.
So it was under this uncertain condition of insecurity that Yusuf went to the farm that morning.
His non return therefore prompted youths to go to the farm to find out why he had not returned.
Upon reaching the farm, Yusuf was not found, but a pool of blood, his phone and shoes were seen at the same place on the farm. A search party was dispatched to look for him.

In the early hours of today, his body was found dumped in a bush near a river that is the boundary between Zangon kataf and Kauru LGAs.
He had been slaughtered like a ram.
His body was recovered by a combined team of the police and soldiers and has been deposited at the mortuary in St. Louis hospital, Zonkwa.

SOKAPU condemns this heinous crime in no small terms and we call for the immediate investigation of this evil so that the killers can be brought to face justice.

All over the Northern  part of Nigeria hundreds of thousands of Christians have been mutilated, children, mostly  vulnerable old men and women decapitated  . Their houses set ablaze and driven from their villages, while Nigerian government led Mohammed Buhari who’s from the Muslim Fulani area look the other way. The Fulani terrorist herdsmen are responsible for these  killings and it’s believed Nigerian government is abetting them from its action and inaction. Same with Bokoharam.

 We concerned Nigerians and the people of Southern Kaduna call on the UN to come to the aid of Christians in Northern Nigeria especially in Southern Kaduna state, and other settled Christians in the North. Also these Fulani terrorist herdsmen are now moving to the Southern part of Nigeria where loads of killings have also taken place and President Mohammed Buhari  Led Government have not been able to prosecute any of the terrorist but keep giving them amnesty in the name of rehabilitations after six months of capture as they hurriedly go back to carry AK47/49 to kill Nigeria Christians.


President Mohammed  Buhari sympathy for his kinsmen have made the chief securities of various agencies predominantly Muslims and Fulanis hands tight.     

The issue of ownership of farmlands between Hausa settlers of Zangon Kataf town and their long term Atyap host has been a subject of concern to us in the past two years.
Government must take proactive measures to ensure that a sustainable solution agreed by the two parties is reached. But that has never happened. 

Sign: Concerned Nigerians in Kaduna and other part of Nigeria. (For Nigerian Lives matter).