Termination of China from Security Council of UN

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I may survive or not, is not important. But termination of China from Security Council of UNO, is the most important issue in the world, now. China has betrayed to the whole world and delayed disclosure of the existence of Covid-19, to the whole world. The number of cases confirmed with Covid-19 and deaths there after in China, are yet not confirmed. Before this endemic engulfed the world, China remained silent. Why? 

It was testing an unsafe biological technique and suddenly the test went out off control. Despite the first warnings by the True Doctor about the fatality, the same person has been made silent for good. This hide and seek system continued in China from November 2019 till December 2019. By this time out side China cases started getting attention of the world and then China started confirming Covid-19 cases and deaths there after, in a controlled manner, away from the facts. Every country/ State has a moral responsibility to wards Humanity.  Alas! not China.

China flouted all regulations of UN and its bodies like WTO, WHO, UNICEF, etc. This petition needs to be placed before Human Rights and International Court, too for Termination of the membership of China from security council of UN.