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Stop Pashtun genocide in Pakistan.

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We want the United Nations and international community to take notice of Pashtun genocide and human rights violations in Pakistan, especially FATA. Since 9/11, Pakistan being a fake ally of U.S. in the so called war on terror, playing double game with the US led international community. It has apparently cut its ties with Taliban, but in fact, Pakistan stubbornly stuck to its pro terror policies and more than 55 terrorist outfits including Afghan Taliban and the notorious Haqqani network are freely roaming on its soil and thoroughly using it for terrorist activities in Afghanistan and FATA in order to destabilise Afghanistan and undermining U.S. interests in the region. For deceiving the international community, Pakistani forces kills and bombs innocent Pashtuns in FATA while terrorist have been enjoying safe havens in Pakistan's  big cities and running their training and fundraising centers, without any fear. The country's laws and the so-called National Action Plan are not applicable to terrorist outfits. Pashtuns in FATA have been suffering worst, while terrorists are still secured and untouched. Leadership of various terrorist groups in Pakistan, including Afghan Taliban, Haqqani network and the notorious Hafiz Saeed-UN designated terrorist and mastermind of Mumbai terrorist attack are enjoying "Man O Salwa" in their safe and luxury havens in big cities of Pakistan. Till the moment, Pakistani forces have killed more than 40 thousands Pashtun elders and youth in various parts FATA. Moreover, Pashtun nationalist and democratic forces have been under attacks across the country and thousands of thousands are being killed and tortured.  Homes and bazaars in Waziristan are being razed to ground and fundamental human rights are denied to FATA people. FATA is being turned into a military cantonment and hell where a 20 million Pashtun population have no access to freedom of expression and movement. Military curfew, landmines and toy bombs blasts--resulting in killing of innocent children and animals is a routine practice. Ratio of enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings is increasing day by day. More than 30 hundreds children in FATA have lost their precious lives or sustained injuries as a result of the landmines and toy bombs, planted by Pakistan Army. Last day a 26 years old Naqeeb Mahsood from South waziristan who left his native hometown due to militarism and State sponsored terrorism in the area and started a private business in Karachi was kidnapped by police force and later on killed him in a fake police encounter. Reacting to the barbarism by Pakistan's security institutions, the people of Waziristan, accompanied by Pashtuns-across the board came out on roads and held peaceful protest demonstrations in front of press clubs in FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and expressed their anger and haterad against the state of Pakistan for conducting Pashtun genocide. Protesters chanted slogans of "Ye Jo Dehshtgardi hai iskay pechay wardi hai." They expressed zero tolerance for state sponsored terrorism and militarism in FATA and demanded a judicial commission to probe into the incident. The people of Waziristan and the whole Pashtun community in Pakistan and Afghanistan is deeply saddened and heartbroken over the ongoing genocide of Pashtuns in Pakistan. The voiceless and victimized people of FATA want the international community and the United Nations to take serious notice of Pashtun genocide in Pakistan and human rights violations in FATA/Waziristan.  We urge the the international community to force Pakistan to allow international media, human rights organizations and UN teams to FATA to highlight problems of the people of FATA and provide them with justice in true letters and spirit. Pakistan imposed militarism and terrorism have been marginalizing the whole community in FATA. State of Pakistan and its war proxies must be held accountable for conducting Pashtun genocide and human rights violations across Pashtunistan. The international community must come to the fore to save Pashtuns in Pakistan and bring durable peace and stability to the region and around the globe. 

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