Support an Independent Kurdistan

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At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!

We the People of Kurdistan and friends of the Kurds, appeal to the United Nations (U.N.), pro-democracy countries, and individuals of the world to take responsibility and embrace Kurdistan’s right to -self-determination, a right guaranteed by the charter of the U.N.

Many of you know the history of the Kurds - an indigenous people of the Middle East dating back as far as historical records go. Borders were drawn in the 20th century, divided Kurds, and have been disputed ever since.

The reason for the quagmire we see in Syria, in Iraq is not only the product of a lack of reforms and enlightenment in Middle East. It is also the result of artificial borders. What constitutes a nation? A shared history and language, a common culture, an ancestral home that binds people together? Kurds have all of this, and much more.

Kurdistan suffered countless tragedies. The independence of Kurdistan is, hence, not only crucial for economic and cultural aspirations of the Kurds, but also a way to preserve and protect her people, language, art, and music.

Kurdistan has spoken on September 25 to build her own future. A model of tolerance and coexistence, whereas our neighbors are defined by sectarianism, religious fanaticism, and oppressive regimes. With the emergence of sovereign Kurdistan, extremist movements can be confronted by a democratic, and secular society.

Kurdistan will be home to people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds. A guardian for equal rights with a universal constitution. In return, we ask the free world to support our freedom, and strongly and sincerely promote, protect, and welcome Kurdistan to the league of nations. Now it is your turn.

Kurdistan believes she has done more than her duty. The Kurds are a force for good against evil, powerfully demonstrated by our sacrifices in the fight against the Islamic State. And yet our neighboring countries have already started threatening immense hostility in response to a democratic right, our referendum. If we lose, the virus will spread. We have been let down too many times before.

In hope that the world proves us wrong about the traditional Kurdish saying that “The Kurds have no friends but the mountains”, we genuinely appeal for your collaboration. Let us celebrate together a peaceful Kurdistan, a rising star that will spread light in a region of darkness.



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