Sudan: A Call for an Immediate Release of a Refugee detained from Shagarab Refugee Camp.

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Simon Kiki, a refugee from Eritrea, was arrested during an attempt of desperate and frustrated refugees to meet visiting UNHCR Officers to Shagarab Refugee Camp, on March 4, 2020. They wanted to talk about their problems in the Camp related to the very slow processing time, inadequate living conditions with very poor sanitation system and lack of medical drugs, bribes, mismanagement, and safety and security of their well-being in the Camp. As an interpreter and able to pass on their concerns to the officers, Simon was delegated to speak to the officers standing at the up front, but caught by the Camp police and arrested while the visitors watched his arrest. Simon spent four days in the Camp police custody, and was taken to court accused for political reasons, diverting the cause totally from the reality of refugee concerns. He is sentences to a one month imprisonment, with threats of deportation to the country from where he escaped from human right abuses and violations.

As explained above, Simon is innocent, who tried to help his fellow refugees just because he is educated and able to communicate with the visitors. The police fabricated a reason to silence and suppress the basic refugee demands, and made him victim to stay locked with further threats.

I call upon the Prime Minister of Sudan, Dr Abdalla Hamdok to immediately issue an order to release Simon Kiki from prison, to UNHCR, who witnessed the innocent refugee arrest and kept silent, and to the International community to intervene and seek explanation why he still in prison for none of his fault. Refugees have a right to demand when faced with untold and unheard challenges in the camp. Please join me to save Simon's life from unfounded accusation.